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An occasional diary about my writing etc.

6 January 2016 ~ The Narrative Arc & Endings


I have added another document to Writing ResourcesThe Narrative Arc & Endings is four pages long. While there is nothing new about the arc, the second part includes a list of thirty types of endings briefly described and with examples based on The Tale of Aladdin.  I am not aware of a longer or more comprehensive list of endings.


26 December 2015 ~ Resources for Writers Added


I have added a new page with six resources for writers derived from handouts prepared for a creative writing group. The resources are in pdf format and between two and four A4 pages. They can be reproduced free of charge in not-for-profit organizations.


Other items will be added over the next year. The current handouts are:


   Revealing Character in Short Stories  
   Figurative Language
   Three Techniques for Generating Ideas for Figurative Language
  Short Fiction Chronology
  The Modern Short Story
  Telling and Showing



 18 December 2015 ~ Seasonal Whimsy: Holiday Season Ice Extravaganzas


This is also available as a one-page pdf.


Disney on Ice - Worlds of Enchantment reminds us of other shows adapted for skating performers, such as Peter Pan, Snow White and Cinderella. There has even been an Ice Burlesque.


It would seem that almost anything can be more of a spectacle by staging it on ice. Here are some shows yet to receive the wow factor that comes from pelmet-like skirts and boots with blades.


Othello on Ice

The Satanic Verses on Ice

Waiting for Godot on Ice

Ginsberg’s Howl on Ice

For Your Ice Only

Towering Inferno on Ice

Last Night of the Proms on Ice

The Barber Shop Quartet on Shaved Ice

Across the Andes by Frog on Ice

Kafka’s Metamorphosice

Global Warming on Ice – we wish

Godzilla on Crushed Ice

The Importance of Being Ernest on Ice

Oedipus Rex on Ice

The Life of Brian on Ice

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof on Ice

Titanic – Gone with the Floe

A Brief History of Time on Ice

Clockwork Orange on Ice

Fifty Shades of Grey Slush

Ice Cold in Alex on Ice

Anagrams  Once I

Heart of Darkness on Ice

Edvard Munch’s Ice Scream

My Left Foot on Ice

Finding Nemo on Ice at the Fish Counter

Moby Dick on Lots of Ice


I think this ice sculpture is by Kim Arents.

I have had no success identifying the photographer.


We Need to Talk about Kevin on Ice
Carve her Name with Pride on Gneiss

Gorillas in the Mist on Dry Ice

The Chilcott Report with Skates on – we wish

Madam Butterflice

Trotsky’s Assassination on Ice –  Pick of the Week

Love in a Cold Climate on Sheet Ice

The Queen’s Speech on My Husband and Ice

Drone Strikes on Isis

The Night Porter on Ice

Third Runway at Heathrow on Ice Again

Glastonbury Festival on Frozen Mud

Dazed and Confused on Eiswein

World Cup Rugby on Ice

Lippizan Horses on Ice

The Code Breaker pm Jdf

The Ramayana on Ice

Hermann Hesse’s Steppenwolf on Pack Ice


In case anyone wonders where the idea for this came from, Sue and I have made jokes for several years about putting shows on ice. For example, one will say to the other how good a production was and get the reply, "Yes, but if only they had done it on ice."