Technical Publications

  On the left  are  publications that can be downloaded.   On the right are references for other publications.

Flashbacks (2007) Counselling at Work, Spring 2007, pp 20- 23
The nature and variety of flashbacks.
 pdf copy

With Sue Crofton, Poison Pen or Positive Protest? Dealing With Anonymous Allegations at Work (2003).  pdf copy

Supervision in Organisations - for Employers (2004) pdf copy
Supervision in Organisations – for Supervisors (2004) pdf copy

Report on A Virtual Action Learning Set (2001) Action Learning News, Vol. 20, No. 2, pp 2-7  pdf copy

Leading Questions and Statements (2000) Rapport,  Issue 50, Winter  
pdf copy

Notes on Starting an Action Learning Set (2001) pdf copy

The Co-operative Online Dictionary of Trauma (edited by PB from
2003 - 2007)  is now the basis for Wikipedia's Glossary of Traumatology

Notes on Plumb, the novel by Maurice Gee. Prepared for a UK reading group in 2013.

E-publish a book in a day - for free  New Zealand Author, Issue 295 October / November 2013.  pdf copy of Word version.
Justice, Torture and Restoration (2006), in Justice as a Basic Human Need, Ed. A.J.W. Taylor, Nova Science, New York. ISBN: 1-59454-915-X  Google Books' extract

Adding Insult to Injury - Health Services for Refugees (2005) Health Matters, Issue 62, Winter

With Richard McKane, Metaphor and Trauma  (2004) Fulcrum Annual, No. 3. Fulcrum, Harvard. Pp 303-316

Psychological Debriefing (2002) The Psychotherapist, Issue No. 19, Autumn, pp 24 – 39

Psychology of Mind (2001) Rapport, No. 51, Spring, pp 9 – 12