Clearing out old files I found a number of old documents that made me smile or that I thought might be of use to others.  Some I had a hand in making. Others I adapted or are just as they first appeared. I have also added a few more recent items.

Spoof Adult Education Classes - I prepared this while working at Islington Adult Education Institute c 1981. Some of the classes came from another source. I may well have stayed in Adult Education had it not been for Mrs. Thatcher doing away with the Inner London Education Authority. 

What I Think of Your Piece of Paper
- Through my work in adult literacy I was on the periphery of The Plain English Campaign, though not formally linked in any way. The idea for a form that commented on documents came from the USA. The challenge was to make it much easier to read and use, as the American one was not designed for adult literacy students.

PIG Personality Profile - One of my favourite icebreakers. Takes only a few minutes and always raises laughter.

Bad Hair Day - How the American Psychiatric Association might list a bad hair day in its Diagnostic Schedule Manual - DSM.

Medical versus Social Model  -  Different approaches to mental health and disabilities.

April Fools' Day Test  -  Designed for a group of children. Based on a memory of something seen almost 40 years ago. 

Table of Stochastic Imperial Measurements  -  I have defined a number of terms used for small quantities.

Some New Patron Saints - Beginning with St Accatto the patron saint of machine gunners  and ending with St Yptic who looks after shavers.

Reynard Rewrite  -  A three page updating of the Tale of Reynard the Fox.