The Aboulia Press & Review Copies
When I applied for ISBN numbers for the e-versions of my novels, it appeared it would useful to have a name for the publisher other than Paul Burns.

I spent two days going about other tasks waiting for inspiration. The ideas that flowed stopped at a dam formed by the inability to choose one. Then I remembered a term for pathological indecision, aboulia, from the Greek word for a lack of will. Problem solved.

Request Review Copies

Review copies are available in pdf, mobi and epub formats. Send requests to paul_in_clouds  at

This address will change from time to time to reduce spam.

If you don't have an e-reading device, I recommend using Calibre software on a tablet or notebook.


Calibre is free and able to read several formats including epub and mobi.

Calibre comes in versions for Windows, OS X, Linux and for portable devices.


The idea for the logo came from our cat, Lola, who enjoys observing the worlds on either side of a fence when she is not dozing on top of it.

The  ebooks that mark Aboulia's launch are:

      The Bush Baptist , 
Mr Vitriol  and The Fetish Collection

The first two are novels: Details of how to buy print versions of them or follow links below for ebooks.

The Fetish Collection is in ebook form only: Details of where to buy


    E-book sources for The Bush Baptist 

    ISBN 9780992879617

Kindle Bush from c. US $8.24


Kindle Bush from  c. £4.92


Kindle Bush from  c. AUS $. $8.96


Kobo Bush c. £4.80


  E-book sources of Mr Vitriol  

   ISBN 9780992879600


Kindle Vitriol from c. $8.24


Kindle Vitriol from  c £5.10


Kindle Vitriol from c AUS $8.91 


Kobo Vitriol c. £4.80